Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Diddy, Big Sean, Meek Mill And Others Hit Hard On Kendrick Lamar

Seriously, Kendrick Lamar seemed to have messed up in his controversial 'Control' lyrics. Kendrick's lyrics did not sit well with some New York rappers thereby raising a lot of disses from other rappers and celebrities; from Big Sean, Diddy, Meek Mill, B.O.B, Phil Jackson, Joell Ortiz...and motivated Fred the Godson to release a response track called "Say My Name.". Kendrick, who calls out rappers like A$Ap Rocky, Drake and Wale, also calls himself “Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York.”

Blown away by Lamar's bars, Sean stepped forward to break down his new "Control" track and, specifically, the emotion collaborator Kendrick Lamar poured into it:

"When I heard [Kendrick's] verse I wasn't about to go back and change my verse--that's cheating," Big Sean tells VIBE. "That ain't the way of an O.G. That ain't how G's move. I wanted to [release the song] for the culture of hip-hop as opposed to myself. "It's hip-hop. It's a sport. It should get back to being competitive if that's what people want to do. I ain't no h*e a** n*gga like that to hear a verse like that and be like 'I gotta go back and [rewrite] my sh*t, I gotta go protect myself.' Nah, it is what it is. I'm a good a** rapper. I just want people to remember I had the song. I knew what it was. No, I didn't change my verse because I'm not a h*e a** n*gga. I'm a real a** n*gga from Detroit. I rep for everything that I do. I knew what it was going to do for hip-hop. I knew what it was going to do for the culture. This is the most exciting rap song to drop this year this year. Period." (VIBE) "

 For Diddy, he clearly isn’t amused by Kendrick’s opinions of himself on Big Sean’s latest hit. Diddy responded with the pic below and a note on Instagram to his over 2 million followers that read: “Kendrick got ya’ll n****s taking ya’ll time now. What ya’ll gonna do now. Haaaa lol lets go!”

We’re not exactly sure why he roped Jay-Z into the whole thing but Diddy does have a point. Kendrick isn’t from NYC, so how could he be the king? Both Jay-Z, and Diddy grew up in the Big Apple. Diddy was born in Harlem, while Jay-Z as we all know, hails from Brooklyn. Kendrick on the other hand, he was raised in Compton, California.

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