Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chris Suffers Seizure; Rihanna And Tran React

Chris Brown was reported to have suffered a non-epileptic seizure (NES) at his recording studio in LA and despite Rihanna and Chris’ troubled past, she has no ill will toward her ex and she always wishes him well, so naturally she was worried about Chris’ well-being after he fainted.

“That’s heartbreaking and crazy devastating because she doesn’t want Chris to be sick, let alone to faint,” the source explains. “She was worried at first but after she heard he didn’t go to the hospital, she was relieved. That could have been bad news for him.”

The source adds, “She’s glad he’s doing better and wants him to be all right and take care of himself.”

A source revealed that when Karrueche heard about Chris’ unfortunate accident the first thing she did was grab her phone and call to him to make sure he was all right . Tears streamed down Karrueche’s face as she scrambled to find out how Chris was doing —"and things were only made worse when she couldn’t get a hold of him at first! She couldn’t believe it, she thought the worst and cried.” She took to twitter to tell her followers to send their prayers to the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer. She barely knew how to react to the news.

The source adds that there’s nothing wrong with Chris’ health — he just had a difficult week. “It wasn’t a seizure,” the source reveals. “He just felt light headed and dehydrated and fell on the ground. It scared us, but in seconds he was talking, saying he was all right. When we saw him falling, we didn’t know what was up so we called 911.”

“He’s cool, but he is stressed and didn’t have a good week. He was in the studio for a lot of hours with like no sleep at all and a lot on his mind and whatnot. He just overdid it but now he’s doing all right and will be out this weekend like always.”

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