Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lynxxx Is In Court...

The Nigerian music star, Chukie Edozie, aka Lynxxx, is facing a court trial at Igbosere Magistrates’ court for supposedly beating up a UK-based Nigerian businessman, Richard Bennet.

The Pepsi ambassador, known for his hit song, ‘Fine Lady’ reportedly caused body injuries to Bennet in a quarrel at a Lagos night club.
The claimant explained that he had gone to the club with his nephews to relax. He further asked for the N10 million damages for assault and battery.

He added further that while he was wandering around the club, his drink split on a lady passing by, who allegedly slapped him and then poured the content of her glass on him.

“Edozie on learning what had happened, grabbed me by the lapel, and later broke bottles and threatened to kill me if I did not apologize to the lady who I later learnt was his relation”, said Bennet.

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