Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lil Wayne Disses Country In New Song...Steps On The American Flag

The one-minute clip shows Weezy, 30, singing in front of the huge red, white and blue flag before it’s let go onto the Hollygrove, New Orleans, street. The drop reveals a group of people standing behind Wayne as he continues to rap, stepping all over the flag as he dances and moves in his hometown.

It may have been overlooked, if not for the incendiary lyrics in the song:

“My country ‘tis of thee/ sweet land of kill ‘em all and let ‘em die/ God bless Amerika/ This so godless Amerika … the stars on the flag are never shining,” 
- The song, off this year’s “I Am Not a Human Being II".

It is the American flag that is draped across the coffins of our fallen heroes when they come back from war. In fact, any veteran can have a flag on their coffin. As such, it’s entitled to the highest respect,” said John Raughter, an American Legion spokesman.

"What disgrace!" , a commenter wrote online.

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