Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Janet Jackson Cuts Ties With Brothers

The 47-year-old star reportedly kept the extended Jackson clan afloat — but now she’s sick of it.

“Janet has been very generous whenever one of her family came to her for a handout,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But it seemed like the money she gave them was never enough, and it was only a matter of time be­fore Janet felt like she was being taken advantage of.

“Eventually, Janet had to change her phone number so that her mom, Katherine, was the only family member with direct ac­cess to her. But now Janet’s brothers try to get to her through their mom!

“He wants Janet to cut off her family and he supports her deci­sion one hundred percent.”

Of Janet’s siblings, her five brothers – Jackie, 62, Tito, 59, Jermaine, 58, Marlon, 56, and Randy, 51 – are the most demanding, a source says.

“They’ve asked Ja­net to help them with everything from late child-support payments to home foreclosures and tax liens,” the source said. “But now she’s drawn a line and let them know enough is enough.”

Meanwhile, 83-year-old clan matriarch Katherine stands to hit the jackpot if she wins a $40 billion wrongful death suit against concert promoter AEG Live. She claims the company failed to properly investigate and supervise the doctor hired to care for Michael Jackson in connection with the singer’s ill-fated This Is It come­back tour.

“If Katherine collects just a small portion of that claim against AEG, there’s no doubt her sons will be lined up at her doorstep with their hands out,” the source says. “But the good news is a windfall for Kath­erine will take some of the pressure off of Janet!”

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