Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How Karrueche Tran Got Chris Brown Back

All while Chris Brown was dating Rihanna, burned ex Karrueche Tran never gave up. She was always there for Chris no matter what, and it finally seems to be paying off for her.

“She never stopped loving him,” a source close to the 25-year-old model tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Karrueche’s undying love and patience helped her stay on Chris’ radar while also avoiding being that nagging ex-girlfriend.

“She wasn’t going to force anything with him in terms of a relationship,” the source says. “She never forced his hand or asked him anything.”

KT kept her cool even thought Rihanna was back in the picture: “She knew he was still doing whatever with Rihanna and she respected that and was always a friend to him even when he was with her.”

Karrueche more or less waited for Chris and Rihanna to fall apart, and once that happened, she was there to help Chris pick up the pieces.

You can accuse KT of being a little sneaky, but you can’t accuse her of being dumb. Her strategy has clearly gone off without a hitch. Chris and Kae started hanging out on a very frequent basis almost immediately after he split from Rihanna. A source previously told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Chris has been inviting her to pretty much everything, and that he’s “appreciative” when she hangs out with him.

And just one day ago on May 26 news broke that the two had moved in together. They had been hanging out so much that it just made more sense for KT to move in to Chris’. “She is back at Chris’ house at the moment and she seems happy,” another source told

You have to tip your cap to Kae — she played it cool for so long and now she’s back where she wants to be. And she seems to be giving Chris what he needs and wants.

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