Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Flavour's 'Other Girlfriend' Attacks Blogger, Linda Ikeji

It seems it's time to grab a box of popcorn and a pair of 3D glasses as a new drama unfolds. Nigerian blogger, Lind Ikeji, reported that a lady named Oyinye has threatened to sue her for announcing that Beverly Heels is engaged to 'her man', music star Flavour. Read Linda's story after the cut...

Don't mean to put this lady on blast but she has refused to leave me alone...even going as far as threatening to sue I think she wants some kind of here we go! Hehe!

So I've been getting mails from this lady called Onyinye (pictured above right, and left with Flavour). She sent the first mail, I ignored her. She sent another one...I ignored her. And then she sent another one threatening to sue me if I keep writing that Beverly Heels is engaged to her man, high life crooner, 'Flavour' lol. This will make for a good read so decided to bring it here. #sweet! Haha!

So, I know a few of Flavour's people...and they were the ones who confirmed to me that Flavour is indeed engaged to Beverly Heels. After Onyinye contacted me, I called one of them to ask if they know this Onyinye lady and they said yes. They said they know she hangs out with Flavour, but can't confirm if he's sleeping with dating her. But according to Onyinye, she's been in a committed relationship with Flavour for the past one year and Beverly is just a 'hoe' trying to steal her man.

Onyinye is not the first lady to mail me about Flavour, but I decided to share her email because she's extremely rude, very uncouth and won't leave me alone. See the email she sent to me...

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