Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wizkid On His New Record Label...

From a  recent interview of Wizkid on Yvonne Ekwere’s red carpet show recorded at Iyanya’s Lagos album launch, Yvonne asked Wizzy about his newly established Star Boi music label, Wizzy said:

‘Star Boi Music is actually my little baby, it’s something I’ve been nurturing for a while now. I’ve always wanted to do this, so I’m really excited. I have great acts I’m going to be putting on through Star Boi Music, so please continue supporting me and I’ll never let you guys down.

About his relationship with EME?

‘We’re still cool, EME is still family, most definitely‘.

We only hope they are cool and still family as he said because there was a tweet fight  between the EME boss “Banky W” and Wizkid which took a different dimension with Wizkid maintaining  his stand on leaving the EME crew. Sources claimed that Banky slamed Wizkid on twitter following a phone conversation between the both of them.

 It was learnt that during the conversation, BankyW was pleading with Wizkid to change his decision on his exit from the team but wizkid payed deaf ears and said his decision stands, But since BankyW has been trying to control the situation and prevent the news from getting to the public, he begged Wizkid to show up at his album launch and surprisingly Wizkid turned him down and this was the turn off

Wizkid, continuing his musical career with Konvict music, left the country to make moves on his deal with konvict music.

I wonder what the EME crew will look like without starboy wizzy.. The question is can Skales lift the team as high as wizkid has ?

Do you think he can handle a new record label and grow it into a huge one with big artistes?

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