Friday, 22 March 2013

Jamie Foxx And Kelly Rowland Hooking Up

According to reports bad boy Jamie Foxx and Kelly Rowland have secretly hooked up or are secretly hooking up. According t The National Enquirer, Jamie Foxx flirted with her on the Oscars red carpet and they swapped numbers.
Insiders say when the cameras stopped rolling Jamie assured Kelly he was serious about dating her and Kelly "promised she would reach out so they could talk".

In my opinion, Jamie is another one of those bachelors that will never settle down , they will have fun for a while and call it off and beautiful Kelly deserves an a-list partner who will bolster her confidence and encourage her to do great things with her voice.

Come to think of it, .Jamie? woman?...the world must be ending fast. We all know Jamie loves those tacky white women.

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  1. I'm surprised too. Jamie? black woman?


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