Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why Rihanna And Chris Left Night Club

A source close to the Unapologetic singer told HollywoodLife exclusively that there isn’t anyone on Earth who can make Rihanna uncomfortable enough to leave a club, even though she did give Karrueche the cold shoulder.

“Rihanna has no reason to be uncomfortable no matter where she goes, believe that,” the insider says. “She saw Chris’ piece in the club, but it wasn’t nothing crazy or nothing awkward at all. She didn’t go and speak or no s**t like that. She just paid that girl and the whole situation like taxes…That’s my b***h though, she would never trip on the next b***h.”

Though Rihanna and Chris both left their group of famous friends — including Ne-Yo, Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, and Afrojack — rather quickly, once Karrueche arrived, our source says that their visit was always intended to be brief.

“Rihanna kicked it with the girls all day yesterday and later, after the game, she hit Chris up and they talked and planned on rolling out to Greystone,” the friend says. “But she stopped by the club for hot minute, had a drink with Chris then she hit it. It was just a quick meet up after she’d been in the house and working and watching the game with girls.”

For Chris, he got quite the shock when Karrueche showed up at the same club he and Rihanna were partying at on Feb. 3! The R&B star made sure to leave quickly after her arrival because he didn’t want any awkward conflict between the two women in his life.

A source close to the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer tells HollywoodLife exclusively that Karrueche’s presence caught him off guard, and he would have never hit up the club with Rihanna if he knew his ex was planning on showing up.

“That was some random a** s**t, like for real,” our insider says. “Chris didn’t know KT was going to be at the function and if he did, he wouldn’t have even gone there. He ain’t that f**ked up, and he don’t want to put Ri or KT in that situation on purpose. So that’s why when he found out KT was inside, he rolled out. That was just random as f**k. but its all good though. Ain’t no s**t went down.”

While Karrueche’s appearance may have been a shock, the source revealed that it wasn’t too surprising, considering the club is one of few that this circle of friends frequents.

“He knew Rihanna was going, she met him there because they talked earlier that day,” the friend says. “KT was a surprise, Chris really didn’t know she was going out. It is Greystone though, so it was poppin so I don’t think he was too surprised she was there because there’s only a few clubs that we all hit up — it was just hella random.”

Chris reached out to both the women in his life the morning after to make sure everything was alright between them all. “But he cool now, I think he talked to Rihanna and Karrueche today and everything is straight,” our source adds. “Ain’t nobody tripping.”

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