Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Unvieling Drama: Late Goldie's Husband Warns Prezzo To Keep Off...Shares Wedding Photos

It was more shocking to find out that the late singer and former BBA StarGame housemate, Goldie Harvey,  was very much a married woman before she passed away. A man suddenly emerged with proof (photos) that he is the widower of the late singer. The English man named Andrew Harvey revealed pictures of their wedding and their time together.View photos after the cut;

A few hours ago, Andrew Harvey warned the first runner-up in the 2012 Big Brother All Star TV reality Show, Prezzo, to keep away from the musician's family as he and other relatives mourn his wife's death.

Mr. Harvey was reacting to reports that Prezzo, the 32 year old Kenya rapper was so devastated by Goldie's death that he immediately jumped on a plane to Nigeria. Both Goldie and Prezzo were fellow contestants in last year's Big Brother All Star TV reality Show, where they appeared to have hit it off.

But after sharing the report on his Facebook Page, Mr. Harvey, a senior contracts engineer based in Kuala Lumpur, left a comment, warning the Kenyan to keep away, saying the musician had caused the family enough trouble already.

He did not provide details of the pain Prezzo had caused. But his comment left many (who apparently didn't know Goldie was married) wondering where Mr. Harvey was while his wife appeared to have a sizzling romance with Prezzo.

"Goldie and Prezzo's relationship was not a secret. Where was the hubby all this while? It doesn't make sense unless they were separated," Aluwani Ndou, commented.

Mr. Marvey then explained, "BBA is no different than being in a movie, some actors have to live with their wives "acting" certain scenes in movies, that goes with the job. If you love each other and nothing untoward happens so what!"

But in this video, Goldie opened up on Prezzo, admitting a relationship between them.

Prezzo had visited Nigeria last August, telling a select group of journalists he was in the country to win back Goldie, who he described as his love interest, Goldie.

According to him, he travelled all the way from his native country to apologize and propose to Goldie, if she gives him an opportunity.

These are few of the pictures that were shared by Andrew Harvey. More pictures and updates coming up....

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