Friday, 22 February 2013

Photos: Rihanna's 25th Rastafari Birthday....Engaged To Chris Brown On Birthday?

The 'Only Girl in the World' singer celebrated her 25th birthday in Hawaii 20th February but she wasn't flying solo. Rihanna Instagrammed the ISH out of her 25th birthday party! Ri proudly posted a pic of her and her "former current possible" boyfriend Chris Brown poppin' bottles in a limousine cruising around their island paradise!

The photo caption even references her tequila-infused lyrics from Pour It Up!

We knew we could count on Rihanna to post a BAZILLION pictures of her 25th birthday on the internet because when does Rihanna NOT tell us everything going on in her life? And the "Birthday Cake" singer certainly lived up to her social media standards at her 25th birthday party with pics of a Rastafari-themed birthday cake (which came complete with a gold marijuana leaf), balloons, and yep, cuddly Chris Brown Polaroids.

Rihanna chronicled her 25th birthday bonanza by posting a slew of Instagram photos with captions like, "Put this #cake in ya face! I made him lick all this icing off! Lol," and "#birthdaybehavior." We guess it's only fitting that Rihanna should invite her "Birthday Cake" cohort to her party but OK, it's just, UGH.

This is what happens now when we see the love birds hang out. We get caught somewhere between "Yay, Rihanna is a happy and glowing girlfriend!!" and "WHYYYY F$##**$$!!!!!" Rihanna, we love you, and we know it's your party and you'll eat cake with Chris Brown if you want to, but you'll just have to excuse us for a sec while we stare at the wall for an hour chanting, "It's 'Nobody's Business''s 'Nobody's Business'..."

A recent report suggested that Chris was going to propose to Rihanna on her birthday in Hawaii. And on  her birthday, Rihanna was seen wearing a diamond ring on her left hand ring finger!

Chris reportedly asked RiRi’s parents if he could pop the question! The report by Media Take Out claims that it was all going to happen at a dinner and Chris’ mom would be there too! The engagement ring is allegedly 10 carats, and it cost around $3.5 million.

Could this be the engagement ring? Though the ring has been on her finger even before the Grammy Awards 2013.

Rihanna was spotted wearing the diamond ring during her performance of “Stay.”

“Is that a wedding ring on Rihanna?” one Twitter user said.

Another said, “Rihanna engaged?!?! Or that’s some type of promise ring?”

“Rihanna is wearing a diamond on her left ring finger. Really?”

“Hope that’s just an accessory,” added yet another fan.

Her performance of “Stay” was no doubt meant for Chris. Her slow, intimate rendition of the song with Mikky Ekko was tender and beautiful. It’s such a great love song.

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