Friday, 8 February 2013

Amanda Bynes Disses Jay Z

Amanda Bynes sent a nasty tweet to Jay-Z, but the message was quickly deleted thereafter. This could only mean one of two things: either Amanda regretted her statement or her account was hacked.

Amanda  posted, “ugly face,” followed by a picture of Jay-Z, 43, and sent it directly to HOV’s Twitter handle.

Ironically, there are only 15 messages on Amanda’s entire Twitter account at this time. And she has made no reference to the tweet, either with an apology or an explanation. Instead, Amanda posted a picture of herself in front of a mirror, taking a “selfie” with a big grin on her face.

Jay-Z has not commented on the tweet, but then again, why would he? Jay has always been a classy guy. He was recently spotted arriving to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife Beyonce and their baby girl Blue Ivy, in preparation for the Grammy Awards on Feb. 10.

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