Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tinsel's Gideon Okeke Hosts "The Money Drop Nigeria"

If you watch Tinsel regularly, then you are surely familiar with Gideon Okeke. He plays the role of Philip Ade Williams in the said TV soap.

Gideon was a former participant in the hit TV show Big Brother Nigeria. Now, he was chosen to host the hot and intense game show “The Money Drop Nigeria.”

The first episode of The Money Drop Nigeria aired yesterday, January 13, 2013, on AfricaMagic Entertainment at exactly 20:00 CAT.

Here is a short information on how the game show works. Before the game starts, a pair of contestants will be given $100,000. The mechanics of the game is quite similar to other game shows.

They need to answer the questions correctly in order for them to take home cash or even the jackpot prize. The only difference between other game shows and “The Money Drop Nigeria” is that the jackpot price will be given upfront to the contestants.

They need to answer all 7 questions correctly in order for them to take that money after the game. Every time they give a wrong answer, the money will drop.

The participants are required to use their $100,000 fund for every question. They are allowed to split that amount if they have 2 or more possible answers. If they do that strategy, they will not be able to bring home the jackpot prize.

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