Monday, 7 January 2013

Olaitan Ogungbile Talks On Her Ugly Experience With A Movie Producer

Yoruba Actress Olaitan Ogungbile is definitely one of the actresses that everybody should look out for this year. She is not just a good actress but also a good singer. Because of her exceptional beauty and talent, she has already featured in several major productions in the entertainment industry.

In her recent interview, Ogungbile shares her ugly experience with a producer who demanded sex in exchange of a movie role.

According to her, the producer (name undisclosed) disturbed her about dating for a long time, but she always refused him. He called her one day and told her to come to Lagos. She was still schooling in Ife that time. She told him that she did not have money for transportation, but the producer said that she will come for work so she will be paid.

She packed her things and arrived to Lagos early. They met but she did not work all throughout that day. Instead, the producer took her to a hotel. She asked him where her room is. He showed the room.

Afterwards, she got hungry and the producer ordered two plates of food for them. After that, the producer took off his clothes. She asked him why he is removing his clothes and if he is going to sleep in the same room with her. The producer said “yes.”

Ogungbile got furious and refused to share the room with him. The producer just arranged another room for her after that, but she said that he did not give her the food so she did not eat that night.

She left the hotel the next day and went back to school.

The beautiful actress also admitted that she had other similar experiences with other men.

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