Sunday, 27 January 2013

Karruech Tran Hopes For A Reunion...Talks Marrying Chris

It turns out that Karrueche Tran didn’t need her Twitter date search for her Rolling Out magazine cover party after all! Chris Brown was on hand at the event to support Karrueche, even giving her a kiss! Did he run all this by Rihanna?

A source close to Karrueche tells HollywoodLife that the budding fashion designer, Tran, had a great night at her party, held at The Room in Santa Monica, CA on Jan. 23! “Karrueche had a great time last night because it was all about her, her work, her fashions and just about well…her! It was a great night.”

It didn’t hurt that Chris was there to help her celebrate the big occasion! “Chris was there because they do business together and he’s part of everything so it was good that he was there because he didn’t have to be. He wanted to be there though, to show up for Karrueche and show her support and that meant everything to her not on an intimate level but on a friend level more than anything.”

Chris Brown Didn’t Steal Karrueche Tran’s Spotlight

HollywoodLife insider reveal that the R&B star made sure he didn’t detract from the guest of honor’s attention, like a real gentleman. “He came in through a back door, made her come back to where he was and told her ‘I’m proud of you girl’ and kissed her on her cheek,” the friend says. “He even told her ‘I gotta leave because this don’t about me it’s about you so go do your thang.’

“She wanted him to stay throughout the event but she knew his presence would overshadow her and the event itself so she was taken aback about how genuine and real he was with her. He really did want this day to be about her and her magazine shoot and how she’s designed for his label.”

Is Karrueche Still Holding Out Hope For A Reunion With Chris?

When asked if Karrueche is still pining for her ex, even though he’s with Rihanna at the moment, sources say, “She will always love Chris and deep down she always wants to be with him but she’s not forcing it.”

“If the time ever comes around and Chris is ready though, I’m sure she’ll be waiting.”

Karrueche was asked what she’d do if Chris came crawling back with a ring in tow, asking her to marry him.

“Oh my… See y’all are playing me right now. The time is not right at all,” Karrueche told Global Grind.

Karrueche also talked about all the hate that’s sent her way from “Chrianna” fans.

“It’s hard because sometimes I really want to go there, but I don’t. I just ignore it, I am on my twitter all day, and I pretty much read everything. You have to laugh at it and just brush it off. I pay no mind to it. Which it’s hard, I’m not going to sit here and say it’s easy, I got it, I’m good, because it’s hard. It’s some days when it’s really hard on me but I at the end of the day, I know I’m good. I’ve found a way to deal with it. Sometimes I post stuff and I think I get am okay, then I get all of this negative feedback. I’m like damn I messed up! But I know regardless of what I say, someone is always going to say something and bring some sort of negative light to it,” she said.

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