Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chris Finally Makes A Choice !!

It’s a new year and with that comes new changes and Chris Brown‘s doing just that. He is vowing to “do right” by Rihanna and refrain from romantically seeing his ex-lover Karrueche Tran.

HollywoodLife reports: “He’s curled up with Rihana and he's been with her this whole time this month and he’s dedicated to her, he’s trying to do the right thing with her and want to be right by her too.

“He’s just trying to be a good man this year and so far he’s doing that.”

Sources also reveals that while Chris has no hard feelings toward Karrueche, he’s just extremely focused on Rihanna!

“Karrueche was always good people to him and treated his a** like a king 24-7, but he’s on Rihanna hard right now so I guess K.T. realizes that and she’s falling back.”

HollywoodLife previously reported on Jan. 3, that Rihanna has dug her paws deep into Chris, she’s not letting him go and plans to spend every single day in January with him to bring in her New Year  because she thinks that will cement their relationship,” a source close to the music couple exclusively reports, “She be on that whole sentimental stuff all the time.”

And it appears Rihana is following her plans perfectly, because on Jan. 1, the couple started out their new year together — in bed!

The lovers both posted photos of themselves in bed on New Year’s Day, and by the looks of the sheets, they were definitely together. Plus, Rihanna said they didn’t sleep!

On January 2, the hit makers were seen driving through Hollywood before stopping at a convenience store to grab some food and an ICEE.

Rihanna even showed her dedication to her boyfriend by wearing a shirt from his collection Black Pyramid!

Apart from being spotted together every here and there, the New York Daily News reports that Breezy has even offered Rihanna his amazing Lamborghini, worth nearly a million dollars! While he looks for a new car for himself, we have to wonder: Is this a nice gesture, or more stupid thinking on Chris’ part? One thing is for sure — hopefully it’s not the Lambo he beat her up in a few years ago! Lol

The New York Daily News Confidential blog spoke to sources who have told them that Chris has “moved into” the $12 million Pacific Palisades mansion his on-again, off-again lover Rihanna bought right before Christmas. If you add to that the dates they have had at Los Angeles Lakers games, Twitter posts that have shown them wrapped in the same bedding, and the way they’ve been continuously teasing each over other social media, things seem to be getting very hot and heavy between the two.

But now, Rihanna may have received the ultimate prize, by turning Chris on so much that he would actually give up one of his amazing cars for her enjoyment. Is this a gift to show his love? Is this an apology for cheating on her? When it comes to Rihanna and Chris, it could be anything! It looks like they put the crazy in “crazy in love”!

Meanwhile, Karrueche Tran is not a scorned woman. The aspiring model/actress is telling her girls she still loves Chris Brown even if he choses to be with Rihana for good, is exclusively reporting.

“Chris is always going to be somebody she loves and cares about,” a well placed Karrueche source exclusively tells HollywoodLife. “At the end of the day, they still have a connection and they still tied up in their own way.

“If he’s in love with the other girl, so be it! Kae isn’t desperate at all. That’s not how she rolls and that’s not a good look for her or any woman for that matter.”

Instead of being bitter as one would expect, given the up-and-downs and back-and-forths of the three-way relationship between Chris, Rihanna and Karrueche, the pint sized model is actually thankful for all Chris has done for her.

“No shade, but he hooked her up with a lot and put her on the map with her fashions and for the most part he came correct to her and was honest and never lied. So for that, he ain’t all that bad.”

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