Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Styl Plus Finally Split...

In the month of May this year, rumors went viral that the Nigerian R 'n' B group, STYL PLUS were going to split. Now reports have it that they've finally split with Tunde Akinsanmi floating a record label of his own.
The R&B group, which comprised of Shifi, Zeal and Tunde, have struggled to recapture the success they achieved with their debut album, which had tracks like ‘Run away’, ‘Olufunmi’, etc. Their second album ‘Unbreakable’ and new singles did not get much attention.

Tunde decided to go solo, re-branding himself as Native Boy. We also gathered that he has recorded several songs alone and set up his own record label, B.A.T Records.

Native Boy did a song titled 'In Your Eyes'. This song is actually for sale, Tunde intends to donate half of the proceeds to Charity as a UN Peace Ambassador.

Get the full single on itunes to support the less privilege ones.

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