Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rihana Struggling With 'Single-hood'

Now I guess Karrueche Tran is certain Chris Brown wants to be with only her after he posted and immediately deleted an instagram pic of Rihana kissing him on the cheek, HollywoodLife is exclusively reporting.

“Exactly! You see he took the sh** down,” a source explains. ” He may like Rihana and nobody’s hating on him for that but he’s got Kae on his mind and this time around, he trying to respect her and really just be with her.”

“Kae put up with a lot from him and instead of her just being like ‘Chris, stop hanging with Rihana’ and things like that, she doesn't say anything. She really wants him to figure out all the sh** on his own and get right in his head for himself.”

The source goes on further, saying, “Karrueche can’t help that he still likes other women. He’s a man and a bi**h will always be on his mind. She’s just keeping it real cute and not trying to pressure him. She wants a man who can think for himself and he seems like he doing that now.”

Interesting. We wonder how Rihana feels about all this?

HollywoodLife reported earlier that Rihana took to her instagram  on December 18 and made a RihCard and wrote: “Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f**k I want to do.”

The 'Diamond' singer is currently on vacation, staying in a luxury beach front villa in Barbados. The “Diamonds” singer appears to be partaking in the much needed vacation after splitting from her on-again/off-again boyfriend Chris Brown.

She was spotted at the resort on Tuesday Dec. 19, in a tiny green and gold bikini as she sipped on what appeared to be a bottle of beer.

She took a quick flight to Barbados, where she was raised before coming to the United States to launch her music career, following her performance of “Diamonds” on the Dec. 18 finale of The Voice.

Aboard the plane, She tweeted a photo of her bed. Could she have been tempting Chris? Dunno...

Rihana always returns to Barbados for Christmas and was reported to be joined by Chris before their split this week. Sources tell HollywoodLife that Chris is still welcome to join her.

Other celebrities who will also flock to the island for the holidays include Simon Cowell, who will reportedly meet up with Rihana in hopes of getting her to sign on to judge season 3 of The X Factor, Top Shop billionaire Sir Philip Green, and a number of music executives.

Perhaps Chris is missing Rihana post-split as he shared a photo of them on instagram, but then quickly deleted the photo. Are his emotions causing him to act erratically?

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