Saturday, 1 December 2012

Music Review: Diamonds By Rihana (Watch Video)

Rihanna proves to be one of the busiest pop stars around, if not the most consistent in releasing consecutive studio-albums. ‘Diamonds’ is from Rihanna’s seventh studio album entitled: “Unapologetic”. The lead single was produced by StarGate and Benny Blancco. It was written by Sia who has collaborated with Rihanna numerous times in the past.

Unlike Rihanna’s past singles from her previous studio albums, ‘Diamonds’ is a mid-tempo ballad filled with introspective lyrics. The production this time is scaled back enough allowing Rihanna to show off some of her vocal muscle. Even her native accent shows up a bit. This time there is no dance thump here, no wall of sound that diverts the attention of the listeners from what Rihanna is actually singing about, and neither is there any R&B feel to ‘Diamonds’. This is more of a straight-up love song that should keep some of her fans guessing what made her shift to this more melodic and laid-back approach. Could it be because of Chris Brown?

While Rihanna is indeed one of the biggest pop-stars around, lately her personal life has been in a bit of disarray. Controversy has surrounded her because of her supposed renewed “relationship” with ex-beau Chris Brown, who we all know physically abused her a few years back and jeopardized her music career. This is a perfect example of “Life imitating art”. There are lines in ‘Diamonds’ which give a clue to what is really going on in her personal life. Each time she sings “We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky”, you know she is referring to herself and Chris Brown. My own interpretation of that specific line could mean that the darkness in the sky that surrounds them as a couple again could be a metaphor for their detractors and people against their “relationship”. While that line is the strongest of the song, it is repeated one too many times. That repetitive pattern makes the song feel it was half finished.

So far, since ‘Diamonds’ was released on September 27, 2012, it has already topped the US Billboard 100 and has become Rihanna’s twelfth single to reach Number 1 status. The telling tale here is, regardless of any changing musical direction Rihanna decides to take and whether she decides to go strong or soft with her songs, most of these singles still manage to reach Number 1. But I think if it were some artists who did this, I don’t think they would easily reach Number 1 as often as Rihanna has accomplished. Rihanna has just become so recognized worldwide that most fans just buy her albums without really knowing what the album offers. What Rihanna has going for her is a massive loyal fan base which secures her position in the upper echelon of pop stars in the world. With her seventh studio album “Unapologetic”, we see Rihanna’s star shining even brighter!

Thumbs up!

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