Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Simon Cowell Threatens Khloe Kardashian On X Factor

Khloe Kardashian‘s past is coming back to haunt her on the X Factor. The reality star who was arrested for DUI in 2007 and busted again on a probation violation the following year has been told by show boss Simon Cowell that she had better not make the same mistakes again.

“Simon has a ‘no tolerance’ policy for drinking and driving,” revealed an insider.

“When Khloe joined the show, someone on the cast joked about getting a drink to welcome her, and that’s when Simon took the opportunity to lay down the law and reiterate his strict rule.

“He took Khloe aside and said, ‘If I ever see or hear that you’ve gotten behind the wheel of a car and you’ve been drinking, or, God forbid, you get another DUI, there will be no questions asked — consider yourself fired!’

“Simon warned her from day one that she needs to give 100 percent to the X Factor. He told her, ‘This isn’t the Kardashian show. This is MY show, and it’s important to remember that it’s serious business’.

“Khloe got a bit defensive and smarted off, telling him she thought he wanted her to be the ‘wild card Kardashian’ — and that’s when he laid into her again.

“Simon said, ‘I want you to be edgy but to use some common sense. I don’t want to hear that you’re out drunk and making a fool out of yourself, me or the show!’

“Simon wouldn’t have hired Khloe if he didn’t think she could do the job.

“He knows she has a huge fan base and will draw in viewers, but he has to protect the show. There would be a tremendous backlash if she were popped for another DUI.

“Khloe promised Simon that she’s not going to disappoint him.”

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