Monday, 26 November 2012

Justin Talks On Relationship With Ophra: The Real Reason He Loved Selena

Justin Bieber sat down to chat with Oprah at Ralph Lauren’s restaurant, RL, in Chicago. He couldn’t help but gush about his girlfriend and tell Oprah why he loves Selena Gomez so much! “I am all about really genuine people,” Justin told Oprah. “She’s one of the most genuine people. She just has a good heart. I can talk to her about anything.”
Aww, young love!

The Pressure Of The Spotlight 

Obviously, Selena isn’t the only one with eyes for the Biebs. With everyone’s eyes on Justin — checking him out or not — some seem to be rooting for him while others are waiting for him to fail.

“There’s a lot of people who are waiting for me to mess up because a lot of teen stars do. They make that mistake of getting into drugs or alcohol,” Justin said.

He continued to tell Oprah what was going to keep him on the straight and narrow. “Remembering what is important. Sometimes I get lost in everything — consumed by everything. Everyone is pulling me in 30 different directions,” Justin said. “I need to remember to take time for myself, talk to people I love about what I’m going through so I’m not having 50,000 thoughts when I’m going to bed.”

Justin’s Family Plans

 Could one of those people be Selena? Even though the two stars have been on and off lately, we can’t help but wonder if these two are in it for the long haul. Engagement rumors aside, Justin told Oprah that he wants to marred by the age of 25. He also mentioned that he wants a handful of kids (hint, hint Sel!).

One Less Lonely Guy 

It’s a good thing Justin knows what he wants and that he has found love with Selena. He admits that his lifestyle can be a bit lonely.

“You just feel sometimes you need someone to be there with you,” Justin says.

He continued to say, “Some days you’ve gone through, you have pain in your heart because maybe you haven’t dealt with that,” Justin says. “Some days you’re depressed and you don’t know why because you haven’t dealt with it.”

Watch a clip of Justin talking about Selena right here:

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