Sunday, 25 November 2012

BBA Housemate, DKB Apologizes To Zainab Live On TV !

He gave her a slap she would never forget in a hurry during the Big Brother Africa Star Game few months ago and  like all other men DKB apologized to Zainab for his unruly behavior, on 'The One Show' ...What more? He went ahead to scrub and kiss her feet, all this on live TV! So touching!

Though, this isn't the first time he is publicly apologizing to her. He formally apologized to Zainab after the incidence (click HERE) and did an apology song to her and Africa (click HERE). Now he's taken it to a live show on TV; 'The One Show'

The One Show is a talk-show in Ghana that touches on social, topical, health, beauty and celebrities on the Viasat channel. If you missed the story of the incidence in the BBA house, click HERE.

Who else is fooled? He will slap her over again if he needs too! Lol...

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