Monday, 12 November 2012

Celebrity Facts: Nicki Minaj, Before And After Surgery

There has been talk about Nicki Minaj getting plastic surgery done to her face, butt, and breasts. There are a lot of pictures out there and looking at pictures of Nicki Minaj Before and After, you can tell that she looks a lot different than afterwards. Nicki Minaj before surgery and before fame was known as Onika Tanya Miraj. It was only later that she changed her stage name to Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj’s “assets” are plainly larger now than before when looking at before and after pictures.

It’s possible that Nicki Minaj before surgery just felt that she had to get plastic surgery done to fit in with the demand of fame and image. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon, has speculated that Minaj had an operation done called a “Brazilian Buttlift”, where different body parts are liposunctioned and then injected into the buttocks. Looking at Nicki Minaj’s nose, you can tell that she got plastic surgery. Her nose used to look natural and wide and now it looks like it has a sharp tip to it. Nicki Minaj denies all rumors of her getting plastic surgery. But it’s plain to see that Nicki Minaj before surgery looks a lot different than Nicki Minaj after surgery.

Nicki Minaj might be feeling that if she admitted to getting plastic surgery, she would be looked down upon. While common with celebrities, most of them still like to keep it on the down low when they get something done. Most people only see the Nicki Minaj after surgery so they can’t compare it with Nicki Minaj before surgery. They only know the Nicki Minaj as a celebrity and not who she was or what she looked like beforehand.

It’s plain to see that Nicki Minaj before surgery looks a lot more natural. Perhaps celebrities are always on the hunt to improve the way they look and aren’t satisfied with their natural image. Oddly enough, most fans would be happier to see celebrities looking more natural and not getting plastic surgery done. There comes a time where it’s an overload and it’s just too much. The “Brazilian Buttlift” that Nicki Minaj seems to have gotten done is a bit over-doing it.

When asked about her plastic surgery, Nicki Minaj commented that she “loves being a conversation piece”. Perhaps we won’t see her admit to getting plastic surgery done till much later. She may be worried that all the young girls that look up to her will see her as fake and phony if she admits to getting plastic surgery done.

Nicki Minaj before surgery was Nicki Minaj before fame and wealth. Now that she has the money, she can spend as much as she wants on “improving” her image through plastic surgery. There are many youtube videos out there showing Nicki Minaj before surgery and Nicki Minaj after surgery. Anyone who is curious can get a pretty good comparison and draw their own conclusions about Nicki Minaj Before and After.


  1. why did you get the surgery you looked so natural before

  2. really, there is so much vanity out there


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